/ RV 12-Volt Deep Cycle Service Battery, 200 CCA

/ RV 12-Volt Deep Cycle Service Battery, 200 CCA


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With a reinforced design to withstand the rigors of tough deep cycle use, this Autocraft Deep-cycle marine battery is made to deliver the long, slow discharge (for several minutes or sometimes hours) required by trolling motors or boats with heavy accessory loads. The special fiberglass plate wrap reinforces the plates against shedding to help extend battery life. Dual terminals with stainless-steel studs resist corrosion and provide easy installation. Also delivers sufficient power for moderate starting needs. Product Features:High-density, specially formulated active material helps deliver more power for longer periods of timeInternal short protection system helps extend battery performance and lifeSpecial fiberglass protection mats and reinforced plates help safeguard during demanding deep cycle useVibration-resistant design helps the battery last longer in rigorous marine useStainless-steel terminals offer an easier hookup and corrosion-free connections


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